5 AI- Startups Making Impacts in Africa

Thousands of years ago, Africa used to be known as the Dark Continent. This is because compared to several other continents housing humans, it is lacking. Electricity, power, amenities and other technologies were present but not prominent. Africa was rather known as the home of natives. With time though, Africa has risen to compete with many other continents, even though it is sometimes hard.

Almost every day, news of various types of startups in African Countries hit us. To solve problems, to address issues, promote growth and innovation, these startups were created, and they access funds to promote their growth. In the year 2019, startups in Africa raised USD 1.340 Bn through 427 deals in equity and debt financing. Barring the funds, and profits, many startup’s goals is to help people and make life better and more enjoyable.

Although many of these startups do fail, a number of them survive and are making an impact across the continent. This is why we’ve decided to compile a list of AI-startups making an impact in Africa.

Tuteria- Nigeria

Founded in 2015, by Goodwin Benson and Abiola Oyeniyi, Tuteria is an AI startup that is focused on the education sector. The startup matches students with teachers who are capable of helping them via an automatic AI setup. Before the matching takes place, teachers register on the platform, verify that they are teachers of subjects specified, before the connection with students. Tuteria nullifies the stress distance that is usually involved in getting a good teacher for kids. Not only is the startup concerned with formal education, but there is also a priority for other activities. Parents could get music teachers, a swimming tutor or coach for their kids on the platform. Even better, adults who need extra tutoring can as well find their own tutors on Tuteria. ICAN tutors or tutors for other professional courses are available as well.

At various points since inception, the company has received funds in competitions and have also been able to raise money worth millions.

Agripredict- Zambia

One of the problems that farmers face is the lack of access to information. This, of course, could be quite disadvantageous because many of farmers activities depend on how much information they can get, and how well they can utilize it. Information like where to plant, the best way to, the weather to expect and others matter and that is why Agripredict was established.

With Agripredict, a farmer can connect to a community of farmers and get information that will help his yield. Agripredict is focused on making use of data to help farmers and increase food security in Africa. They provide information not only to smartphone users but all farmers with any phone. For farmers without smartphones which will accommodate the app, they have the option of dialling a shortcode to access the required information.

After planting, and harvesting, another problem that most farmers face is the problem of the market for the sale of their produce. Also, Agripredicts addresses this.
They do all of these works by making use of data and machine learning.

Image Source: Unsplash

Curacel- Nigeria

Recently picked as one of the 8 Nigerian Startups Selected For Google Startup Accelerator Africa, Curacel focuses on impacting the insurance sector positively. Henry Mascot and John Dada launched the organization in 2017 to battle fraud in Africa’s Health insurance field.

To do this, the startup makes use of ‘deep technology’ to help insurance companies by adding efficiency to their Claims Process.
To aid the startup’s work, it has been able to access undisclosed amounts of money from organizations like Tony Elumelu Foundation, Dubai 100 and Consonance Investment Managers, to mention a few.

Tambua Health- Kenya

While it takes a couple of minutes or hours for a complete diagnosis to be done by a doctor, gadgets from Tambua Health will take minutes less. Tambua is a health-focused AI startup launched in Kenya in 2017. The startup was created to help the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory diseases.
The founders created some tools like the T-Sense device and the T-Lab Software, to collect lung sounds and interpret them accurately.
Of course, with this, it becomes easy to check for lung diseases, and doctors can help patients in record time.

Stears BusinessNigeria

In various aspects of life, the importance of data cannot be overrated because data is used for evaluation, for prediction, to conclude and for decision making. For this reason, Stears business is dedicated to building a new future for data and media. The startup uses its tool to provide business news analysis and help the general audience understand specific topics which might seem off-course.

Stears Business was launched in the year 2017 and had its branch both in Lagos and London.

There are thousands of other startups in Africa as well that are making an impact. Therefore, it should be noted that for brevity, only one was picked from each of the many available sectors.

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