5 Reasons Every Beginner Data Scientist Should Blog

These days, professionals in various fields use blogs as the medium to share their opinions, talk about secular subjects in the field, share ideas, and advise. This way, they are able to achieve several things with one action- blogging.

Contrary to some opinions, blogging isn’t very hard as anyone with minimal knowledge can set up a blog within a few minutes. However, generating content continues to be a problem for many.
As a beginner data scientist, if you’ve been giving blogging a thought, here’s your sign to go ahead with it. With a structure in place, you definitely won’t have any issue coming up with what to talk about. Data science is very versatile, and people are looking for ideas, and opinions increase every day. Still, giving it a second thought reluctantly?

 Here are five reasons why every beginner data scientist should blog.

An opportunity to Learn

As a beginner, you may presume that you do not know a lot and that you are unlike many of the experienced data scientists. However, irrespective of what you know, you can still always share snippets. There are a lot of datasets analysis to be discussed, opinions, and hacks to be shared and lessons to be learned from everyone.
When you start to blog and exchange ideas with your readers, you learn. Do you have an open-source project that you want others to check out? Publish it. A new analysis method you just discovered? Talk about it. There are tonnes of beginners like you who are out there looking for people to brainstorm with. Your blogging is just creating the platform for all of you to meet. This way, you carry your audience along with you, and they exchange ideas openly with you.

To build a portfolio

As a beginner, you probably have no real ‘cut-throat’ working experience. You’ve neither worked for a firm, not have you managed a data project of any importance. How do you prove that you’re up to the task when you have an application to make? Your blog! Running a blog allows you to not only talk about the things you can but also show them. On your blog, you get to showcase your skills as a data scientist and solve as many problems as possible. With a blog, you can display the various techniques that you apply in your work when you have to prove it. A blog could be an opportunity to impress your potential employees with your ability.
In all, starting a blog could help you to build a portfolio.

You get feedback!

As a beginner data scientist who blogs, a perk you’ll get that will project your career is feedback. Blogging about your work is putting it out for examination. With that, you get feedback in return. Constructive criticism will help you to understand what you’re missing out and how you should be doing things. This is especially good when you’re self-teaching yourself. You don’t have a boss, or a teacher watching out to check your mistakes? Don’t worry; your readers will do you that favor!

You get to build your online presence

One of the perks of blogging is that it helps you to create an online presence. As a blogger, you engage and discuss various topics from different points of view, and with that, you get to meet other people. If your works are notable and well-read, they get referenced or recommended to other beginners, especially if you’re blogging about a topic of public interest. This way, you start to get your work positive attention, and you’re able to build an online presence.
What else comes with an excellent online presence? You get to be invited to collaborate with groups on projects, employment opportunities, or non-job-related opportunities may arise, and you get to build your brand with its values, the way you want.

You get to join the Data Science Community

Whether online or offline, there exists a community for various tech sectors. As a blogger and a data scientist, you open yourself to the opportunity of joining millions of other data scientists. With the community, you even stand a higher chance of getting a mentor or becoming one yourself. You get invited to events, you have people to consult with, and even better, you have a contact with other data scientists for when you need help or advice.

Blogging about data science as a beginner is an aspect to be looked into. Pick a project, work on it, and blog!

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