A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Get A Data Science Job

Data science is quite a large field that comes with different types of employment opportunities. There’s the data analyst position, machine learning engineer position, business analyst, statistician, big data engineer, and data scientist position. Of course, all of these positions have their various job descriptions, which contribute to the growth of the field.

So you’re looking to get a job in the data science field and don’t know how to do this? Here’s how.

Be specific about the job you want.

As earlier mentioned, data science is broad, and so there are various categories and subsections under it. Before starting the journey of searching for a job, you need to be specific about what you want. The skills you have, the methods and techniques you know, or are willing to learn, as well as your abilities, play major roles in this decision. Here are some of the positions available in the data science field to help you attain clarity, together with their job responsibilities.

Management Information System Reporting Executives: They are also known as MIS Reporting Executive. They are experts in handling data tools that are used for business management or financial analysis.
Big Data Engineers: They take charge of Organization’s large data and use them to find solutions to a company’s problems.

Data Analysts: They are involved in data visualization. They acquire data, collate, manage, and summarize it.
Machine Learning Engineers: They design and implement machine learning algorithms, and ensure the reliability of ML in Organizations
Data Scientists: They come up with queries to understand a challenge and then draw insights from it. Therefore, they can create solution strategies.
Statistician: They maintain the database table and use various analytical tools to answer various data related questions
Business Analyst: They identify a business’s needs, validate solutions, and carry out tests.
Data Architect: They design Analytics and software to solve and identify problems or errors.
Enterprise Architects: The enterprise architects align the Organization’s strategy with the technology needs.
For all of these positions in data science, there are general and specific skills to be possessed before divulging into them. Therefore, you must learn about them before you start applying for jobs.

Get your Resume or Project in order

When applying for jobs, having experience in the field usually gives one an edge. Therefore, you must be able to show your works, skills, and ability. Get your resume in order, by having a professional check it. Also, finish up projects and clean them up. Decide on the ones you’ll be showcasing, as they align with the position you are applying for. If you can, have a professional in the field, check it too, so that you can correct all errors. Make your works viable enough to show what you can do.

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Start your research

Do you have a particular data science company or Organization you’ll like to work for? Start your research from there. Go to their website, talk to current employers, and explore all the opportunities that may be available in that company. If they are not accepting applications at the moment, you could offer to consult for a project, if that is allowed. Keep your eye on the company for when there’s a vacancy, this way; you don’t miss out when they eventually start receiving application. You can make use of Job boards and social media for updates.

Take advantage of your network

You could also use your network of friends or data science professionals to get a data science job. Inform them that you’re open to opportunities and would be glad if they could recommend you. You could also take advantage of tech events and meetups to expand your network and put the words out that you are open to job opportunities in the data science field. Attend the free ones or the paid ones if you can afford to. Then, strike up conversations with people putting it in the best possible way. Do not be too overbearing, or should you come on too strong.

Leave a good impression

Whenever you have the chance, leave a good impression on people. When you talk about your work, attend an interview, or have to answer questions, do so diligently so that they have a good memory of you. Your résumé and cover letters could be a good way to leave a good first impression as well.

There is no established formula to get a data science job. However, the above listed helps you to increase your chances of getting a job in the data science field.

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