Become A Job-Ready Data Scientist For Free Through 12 Weeks Of Intensive Online Training From 10 Academy

CoronaVirus Response

Responding to the impact of CoronaVirus on higher education in Africa, 10 Academy is launching a special online-only training course starting in July 2020 – training is free.  50 trainees that have completed or will complete their undergraduate studies in 2019 or 2020 will receive 12 weeks of online training providing them with the full range of competencies required to become a job ready data scientist.

This competitive program will match the top performers with employers looking to hire for real jobs.  All trainees will receive training in career pathways including freelancing. Training is free.

Training Outputs

Trainees will gain the skills, ideas and knowledge to make them job-ready for data science. By the end of the training, trainees will be competent in the following 13 areas:

-Python programming

-SQL programming


-Data acquisition and cleaning

-Exploratory Data Analysis

-Data analysis and value extraction – Descriptive

-Data analysis and value extraction – Diagnostic

-Data analysis and value extraction – Predictive

-Data visualization

-Launching and maintaining a production environment

-Using data science to answer business questions

-Launching your career

-Being a 10x contributor

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