Data Science Nigeria 2020 Bootcamp: 15 Days After the Pre-Learning Programme Kicked off.

Commenced in the year 2017 by Data Science Nigeria, the Data Science Bootcamp is an opportunity to promote data science, machine learning algorithms, statistics, and the broad principles of data science applications in solving real-world problems. Usually, hundreds of students and scientists across Nigeria participate in the Bootcamp. At the same time, they are monitored and mentored by leading experts, key players, and enthusiasts in the emerging big data industry, who also come to attend the various events. This year is no different, as the pre-learning phase has started.

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Just like the previous year, the Data Science Boot Camp for 2020 started with a pre-learning program. The 70-day pre-learning program for 2020 that helps participants to learn necessary skills, communicate and carry out projects as teams started on the 1st of July, 2020. It is expected to finish on the 8th of September.

Afterward, all the other events scheduled for the Bootcamp will take place as follows:

  • The 9th of September – the 3rd of October: Kaggle competition for final selection
  • October 5-9: Validation Quiz
  •  The 10th of October: Publication of qualified candidates 
  •  October 20-24: 2020 AI Bootcamp

The Highlights: 15 Days After the Pre-Learning Programme Kicked off

  • According to Data Science Nigeria, over 1200 people registered for the Pre-learning Programme in 3 days.
  • Here’s a link to the latest Deep Mind/UCL content used for the Deep Learning Stream:
  • Daily Sessions are held every day for AI+ members via Google Classroom and Slack.
  • Data Science Nigeria announced that Prof. Thomas Dietterich would be teaching and mentoring at the #AIBootcamp2020
  • As at the first day of the Pre learning Program, over 1500 students registered, with 1,066 in the Machine Learning Class and 450 in the Deep Learning Stream

Speaking to us, one of the participants of the #AIBootcamp2020, Aminah Mardiyyah, who participated in the Pre-learning Programme last year, said, “Last year the study was for 100 days on YouTube. This year, it’s more structured with daily feedbacks through daily quizzes and weekly reading assignments. The community is also more engaging and interactive this year than last year”. So far, for her, it’s been a great experience, she concluded.

A first-time participant, Samuel, said he likes how the classes were organised on Google classroom, which was way better and economical than Zoom. In his words, ” The group discussions on Google classroom, Slack and Telegram are great. The reading assignments, class videos, & daily tests from each lesson have broadened my understanding of ML. ML is making sense now”.

Additionally, other participants of the Pre-learning program have been using the hashtag #AIBootcamp2020 to share their experiences and talk about their progress. 

To find out more about the Bootcamp, follow the hashtag on Twitter.

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