Data Science Nigeria 2020 Bootcamp: 45 Days After the Pre-Learning Programme Kicked off

Halftime! The 2020 Data Science Nigeria Bootcamp Pre-learning program started on the 1st of July, 2020; therefore, the 14th of August 2020 marks 45 days since the Bootcamp began!

Have you been following the 2020 Data Science Nigeria Bootcamp? Click here to read up on what happened on Days 1-25.

Now, let’s talk about what has been happening since our last publication! 

The Highlights

  • Dr. Elaine Nsoesie, Ph.D., an associate professor at Boston University’s School of Public health and the founder of, was introduced as one of the #AIBootcamp2020 speakers.
  • Dr. Stephen Odaibo, the only Ophthalmologist in the world with an advanced degree in mathematics and computer science, was introduced as one of the #AIBootcamp2020 speakers.
  • On the 8th of August, The 7000+ students of #DSN70daysofML kicked off the Zindi Competition, with Slack and Google Classroom Support.
  • The Zindi Competition in the form of a hackathon will span for two weeks: 8 August-22 August.
  • AI+ LASU held Google Meet Sessions on ongoing #DSN70daysofML
  • AI+ UNILORIN, AI+ Ilorin, AI+ Osogbo and AI+ FUTA came together to compete on a Zindi Competition, and a discussion session on the winning code was held on Whatsapp​
  • Amidst the #AIBootcamp2020, Data Science Nigeria wins the BEST Poster Award at the 21st ACM Conference on Economics Computer (EC’ 20)- the world’s premier conference on the interface of economics and computer science with our work – “Shared Trust to end poverty and promote financial inclusion.

Meanwhile, to fully appreciate this year’s boot camp, we interviewed Elisha Odemakinde, one of the organizers of the #AIBootCamp2020

Question: How has been participation so far?

Answer: The attendee’s participation has been massive and encouraging so far. So far, from our statistics, we have about 3,000 students who are currently enrolled in machine learning and deep learning streams.

Question: From an organiser’s perspective, how is this year’s pre-learning program different?

Answer: In this year’s pre-Bootcamp learning program, we have two streams- the Machine Learning and Deep Learning Stream. We are using well-curated Machine Learning video contents and the latest Deep Learning content by DeepMind for the learning contents. Beyond the video contents, we have systems for monitoring all participants’ progress via a daily assessment on google classroom. More so, we get to see participants discuss via our slack channels and also tweet their experience at us. 

Questions: Are the new steps achieving the set goals?

Answer: Yes, they are because we have awesome results and tweets from participants regarding their active participation in our classrooms. Not just this, the interaction via our channels (slack, telegram, and WhatsApp pages) has been massive and engaging.

Question: What problem existed in previous years that have been solved this year, and what has been the major challenge for this year’s pre-learning program.

Answer: In previous years, we only assessed the participants through hackathon breaks. This year, we assessed participants learning every day through multiple choice questions from the learning materials that the participants are studying. 

Are there any special programs in place for people who drop off in the middle?

Answer: We try to get everyone who enrolls for the program to keep learning in a fun and engaging community. Currently, we are running the pre-bootcamp hackathon. The pre-bootcamp hackathon is one of our strategies to get everyone who enrols to keep learning through the hands-on practice of the knowledge that they have gained from all the learning sessions. We have also designed the virtual classroom activities such that students would always find whatever they missed whenever they get back to class.

Interested in following real-time updates on the Pre-learning program, follow #DSN70daysofML on social media platforms.

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