Data Science Zindi Competition: Building a Recommendation Engine!!!

This is an ongoing competition on Zindi. The competition begins on the 18th of May and ends on the 17th of August. This competition requires participants to build a recommendation engine that predict the particular restaurants customers are most likely to order from based on the location of the customer, the order history of the customers, and the restaurant information.

This solution provides by the contestants will allow Akeed, an app-based food delivery service in Oman, to customize restaurant recommendations for each of their customers to improve the overall customer’s experience.

Owned by the UK Oman Digital Hub, Akeed is a mobile application that allows users in Oman to order food from their favourite restaurants and have it delivered to their location. Akeed’s vision is to be the delivery and discovery platform for everything people need instantly. Akeed approaches the dimensions of food delivery by taking the order, routing it to a restaurant, picking up the order and delivering it to the customer.

Based on the evaluation metrics used, the best three participants will be given a cash prize and an opportunity for an internship. The first position in this competition wins $1,500 USD, first runner-up wins $900 USD, while the second runner-up goes home with $600 USD.

At the end of the competition, there will be a recruitment challenge for which only the top 5 competitors are eligible. Of the top 5, one candidate will be selected via a transparent interview process for a 3-month paid internship with PhazeRo.

The selected candidate shall work with a dynamic Data Science team that works across geographic boundaries within multiple verticals including: telcos, energy and government.

Click HERE to know more about this competition or to participate. Good luck!

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