How to Use Zindi

What is Zindi?

Zindi is a social enterprise whose goal is to create the data science ecosystem in Africa. The Organisation’s vision is for an enthusiastic community of data scientists across Africa, mobilized towards solving the region’s most pressing problems.

Zindi is a fast-growing community of African data scientists aiming to find solutions to the most urgent challenges that come with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. It is the first to complete competitions for data science in Africa.

It brings data scientists, companies, academics, engineers, NGOs, institutions, and governments together in one community to solve Africa’s most pressing challenges. With all these classes of people, they organize data-based competitions.

Data scientists, across all levels, have the privilege of working with numerous datasets that address African problems. Also, they have access to all tools they require to learn, create outstanding profiles for themselves, discuss with peers, find and share job opportunities.

Zindi encompasses a group of data scientists and developers working together across Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Accra and is dedicated to building a promising Africa.

Who Uses Zindi?

Are you a data scientist? Or an organization? Do you have the interest of Africa at heart? Are you looking for a platform that supports and encourages data scientists using data to solve African challenges? Then, Zindi is for you.

For data scientists, Zindi is a place to learn and grow through the challenges provided by Zindi. It also provides avenues to meet with people who have the interest of Africa at heart and are working towards solving problems through Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence.

For Organizations, Zindi provides them with a community of talented data scientists to help solve their problems of machine learning and AI.

Step By Step Guide on How to Use Zindi

Go to Zindi’s Official Website, the official website for Zindi, is accessible to everyone who wishes to learn, apply for data science competitions, and discuss with like-minded people on urgent problems that are data-driven in Africa.

When you get to the website, all information you need to become part of the community will be displayed for you on the interface. It is easy to navigate the page. When you’re visiting the site for the first time, it’s advisable for you to register your account.
The interface encompasses the following features.

Competitions: This is where you will find all the competitions available on the site. Some of the competitions come with cash prizes, some with Zindi points while others with knowledge comparatives.
Data scientists: This hosts the list of all data scientists that have registered on Zindi. It’s very important you register if you’re not.
Discussion: This is where you discuss with other data scientists on the platform.
About us: This is where you find the necessary information regarding zindiā€”the mission and vision of the enterprise, the terms, and conditions for using the site.
My profile: This is where you will find your profile, including all the competition you’ve entered for. It is at the top right corner of the interface.

How to Put in for Competitions on Zindi

On Zindi, many data-based competitions address African problems. Before applying to participate in a contest, make sure you’ve registered your account. Then on the features (the one I enumerated above) at the top of the Zindi website interface, you will see “competitions”. Click on it, and it will display a list of all the available competitions.

You can choose any competitions you want. When you click on one, it will lead you to another interface with all the information concerning that particular competition. For instance, when you click on DESTH Impact Challenge. The competition interface will give you the information you need to further into the competition. On the competition interface, you will find the following.

Info: This provides you with all the background story of the challenge. It is essential to understand the problems you’re about to tackle before moving further. From the drop-down when you click on info, you have Descriptions, timelines, Rules, and other things. All the information regarding DESTH Impact Challenges will be here.

Data: This is where you will find all the data related to the challenges, where the data are coming from, and the variable definitions you require to be familiar with. It also provides you with the format in which you have to submit your solution. On the data interface, there are other features on the right side of the data drop-down. These are Test data, Training data, etc.

Discussions: This is where you can discuss your problem with others. Ask questions and reason, along with others.

Leaderboard: This is where the scores of every competition you put in accumulate. It ranks you according to your cumulative scores. It’s very good to be among the top on the leaderboard.

Prize: The prize of the challenges varies. It might be a cash prize for some competition, Zindi credit points for some, and some are Knowledge challenges( to acquire talents).

My submission: This is where all your recent challenges are. It lists your earlier challenges and the scores from it.
IIf you want to apply for the competition; first, you have to understand the information provided for the competition. The next thing is for you to build your module. You’re going to use the test data provided for you on the “data” interface to train your module. After you’ve built your module, then you’re going back to Zindi to submit. The submission button is on the right side of the interface.

You get 5 points for every challenge you put in for, and you’re going to be ranked on the data scientists page. It’s good to be on the top 10 on the list.


Zindi is a community that creates a learning and growing space for data scientists (novice and professional ) with well organized data-based challenges. Every challenge gives the entrants five points. And winning solution get a prize(Zindi credit points, cash prize or knowledge)

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