Step by Step Guide on Getting a Data Science Job as a Beginner

For many beginners in the data science field, one of the most recurring fear is the problem of how to gain ground/establish themselves when already many experts exist in the field. Truthfully, the thought can be intimidating, but the fact remains that everyone has a chance to do something, create and influence. All you have to do is try, train yourself, develop your skills, and in the long run, you’ll easily count as one of those ‘professionals.’

Getting a data science job as a beginner has its ups and downs, that is why we’ve compiled a guide to help you.

Develop your skills

As a data scientist, you already know that there are a couple of must have skills if one is to survive in the field. Programming skills, machine learning, data visualization, and knowledge of languages like C++, Python and Java cannot be overrated because they are crucial.

Before you look for a paying job in the data science field, acquire the necessary skills and develop them until you can use them easily on your own. To know the skills you need, you could talk to a mentor or other professionals in the field. Pick the skills you’re interested in according to the field you’ll like to go into, take courses, acquire certificates and have a good mastery of them.

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Use your skills

To apply for a job, you may be required to have the experience, so how will you show this when you’ve not had the chance to work? By volunteering, applying for internships and carrying out open source projects. Take time to test the skills you’ve acquired by volunteering earnestly for organizations that may need your expertise. You could also choose to apply for an internship in organizations related to the field you’re interested in. Alternatively, you could opt for open source projects of your own. As much as you can, put your skill into practice to show that you have complete mastery of it. At the end of all these, you’ll end up building a notable portfolio for yourself.

You can also consider blogging about your experience as a beginner or your work, check out this article on five reasons every beginner data scientist should blog. With blogging, you stand s chance to create an online presence for yourself and to be visible. Read the article to know more!

Pick an industry or field of practice

Data Science is wide, and to help you understand the fields, you can read about some of them here. Because there are so many options, it is pertinent that you pick a field in data science. Picking a field is like picking a niche. It will allow you to streamline the things you do, and therefore, you’ll accelerate your career in no time. Also, various industries make use of data science for their works. There’s the tech industry, finance and business, manufacturing, healthcare and more. ‘Where would I like to practice?’ is a question you should ask yourself. With a field and an industry, you know the types of companies to target with your application.

Get a Resume and a cover letter

In the case that you do not have one priory, get a good resume and have a professional go over it with you. Also, get a cover letter. With these two, you’re on your way to getting a data science job as a beginner.
A cover letter allows you to make a good first impression. You get the chance to talk about what motivates you and how excited you are to work with the team, among other things. Include a link to your portfolio as well, as this can be very advantageous.

Start the search

Finally, to get a data science job as a beginner, going after the job is important. To do this, you need not only job boards, but also your friends, mentors and known professionals in the field. They can vouch for your competence, recommend you for jobs and help you put the words out there.
As much as possible, leverage on your skills and network to get that job you’ve been eyeing. Talk to people, keep applying, write to ask if there’s a chance that you might get Interviewed and keep your ears out for when they are recruiting.

Take your time to study the companies you’re applying to, and understand what they need or who they need to fill certain positions. Like that, you increase your chances of getting employed.

For many, the job may not come quickly in the first month of searching, but it would be best to keep trying. So, don’t give up. Try to apply these tips, and let’s hear from you if they worked.

You are not a beginner in the data science field? Then you should read this!

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